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Welcome to the Sonoma Speak's website, a source of inside information about Sonoma, its people, its places, and its official history and its secret facts, contradictory legends and controversial oral traditions.

Carla Heine is the owner and operator of SONOMA SPEAKS - Talks & Tours. She is a legacy Resource for The Sonoma Index Tribune and Sonoma Magazine. She is a Volunteer with The Sonoma Valley Historic Society, and a founding member of The Sonoma League for Historic Preservation.  She has lived almost all her life in "Old Town", Sonoma's beautiful Historic District. She is the author of the non-fiction book SONOMA GHOSTS. Carla taught at the Sonoma Ballet Conservatory for 31 years and is a past-president of Ballet Corp, a non-profit organization that raised funds for tuition, scholarships, airfare to auditions, slippers and toe-shoes from 1974 to 2005. She also taught at Saint Francis school, the Sonoma Montessori School, Sunshine School, and worked in the Fine Arts Department at Justin Sienna High School in Napa, California. She enjoys helping others raise money locally for good causes in Sonoma. 

 Carla grew up in Sonoma's only privately owned National Monument on the Historic Registry and  was consequently privy to all kinds of esoteric information about Sonoma. She has been sharing her knowledge with local residents and visitors alike since 1965.  

Carla produced the radio show "Strange Wine - History and the Paranormal in The Valley of the Moon" on KSVY (91.3FM)  2002 to 2009, recorded broadcasts of which will be featured here on this website and also on YouTube in upcoming Podcasts.

Carla Heine can be seen in the film-length documentaries "Haunted Sonoma County" and "Haunted Wine Country". She was features on "Samantha Brown's Travel Channel", and on NBC's long running series "In Wine Country" on NBC, and in numerous You Tube Videos.

Her stories have been documented, published, and peer reviewed.

Our Sonoma Valley Origins:

Sonoma Valley is shaped like a crescent moon. It is roughly seven miles wide and 21 miles long; a magical Kabbalistic-numerological  ratio. 

Twelve thousand years ago the Indians called Sonoma Valley "The Valley of the Seven Moons" because as they walked up the valley on foot, the seven hills along the mountains to the East made it look like the Moon rose and set seven times.

 They also called it "The Valley of the Headache", perhaps because the shape of the topography kept pollen in the trough of the Valley, or perhaps because of the terrible hangovers they suffered after the ritual imbibing of the hallucinogenic ChiCha every October Full Moon at the Bear Sacrifice that took place behind where The Mission stands today. 

According to the oral tradition of the Spanish Era, The Victorian Era, and the 29 Indian Tribes of California, Sonoma Valley was also called "The Valley of The Big Nose" because Chief Sum Yet Ho (baptised at gunpoint by the founders of The Mission patriarchy as Chief Solano), the last Chief of Chiefs and the incarnation of the Great Bear Spirit, had a really big nose and the Spanish were a little confused about their language and used gestures to describe him by the size of his nose. 

 Jack London simply called Sonoma "The Valley of The Moon", and that's the name that stuck.

Step back in time by only 200 years and you will find yourself in the Stone Age.

 Just like Cuzco, Peru, and Sumer, in Mesopotamia,  Sonoma was a Fertile Crescent. 

 The Sonoma Indian Origin Myth states: "We came from the Stars. We were brought here in the Sky Canoe by The Star People and we were put here to take care of The Earth. They will return for us."

These are the very same components of the Origin Myths of South America, Africa, Australia, China, and India. Every SONOMA SPEAKS walking tour includes a visit to the exact place where the "Sky Canoe" landed. 

SONOMA GHOSTS by Carla Heine

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SONOMA GHOSTS by Carla Heine 

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​"This Tour made our day! We are celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary in Sonoma. You Rocked it! I'll always remember Sonoma's Haunted Whipping Tree!"

-Nikki and Richard (New Orleans, LA.)

"Hi Carla! Thanks for making our tour so special. Our out of town guests had a great time, and you made us look like amazing hosts. Our family reunion is in six weeks, and I will rent the Cable Car for all of us again this year!" 

-Elizabeth & Charles (San Francisco, CA.)

"Thanks for all your information. The boys had a great time, and now that we know how to identify Indian Rocks, I will take them up to the Indian Caves you told me about! Have a great Summer!" -Ted (Sonoma, CA.) 


We will visit Seven Victorian Houses, Spanish-Era Adobes, and Historic Hotels with really good bars and restaurants. Be amused and entertained with stories of their Owners, Wives, Children and Mistresses, as well as stories of their Famous and Infamous Guests! 

This is a great way to learn about Sonoma architecture and get the on inside track to Sonoma's best food and wine. Find out Who did What to Whom When and Where.

Rated: PG (Mostly.)

$25.00 per Person - Two Person Minimum.  Call: 707-996-1600

Durigh Honeymoon House

Home of the Rabid Matchmaker

October Bear Sacrifice Site

Strong Energy Vortex Here


Sonoma was home to 800,000 Indians before First Contact by Spanish Jesuites of King Ferdinand. That's a population the size of San Francisco today. In the three short years of 1837, 1838, and 1839 the Indian population was reduced to less than 8,000.

Your tour will start where the Sky Canoe landed, at the exact location of the October Full Moon Bear Sacrifice. You will stand next to the graveyard that holds 1250 Smallpox Victims under the asphalt of First Street East. You will hear the Extraordinary True Story of Chief Solano, the only Indian deemed important enough to vaccinate, who lived to see the ancient prophecy of his peoples dissemination fulfilled.

 Explore the Indians' Cosmic Belief System & Bizarre Sexual Practices. Learn Where Babies Actually Come From and find out why between 3,500 and 5,000 Indians were born in Sonoma at the Mission Inn Springs every July.


Not Exactly Rated.

$25.00 per Person  -  Two Person Minimum -  Call: 707-996-1600    

"El Dumpo" aka The Castro House

Joaquin Marietta Lived Here



Hear the real Life Stories of seven Soiled Doves and the Highwaymen who loved them. We'll visit the Historic Hotels, Gambling Dens, and Brothels where Outlaws, Prostitutes, and Desperadoes plotted their daring adventures. 

Visit historic buildings of Murder, Mayhem, and Romance!

 See the actual haunted home of Joaquin Marietta (The original Zorro!) and the Bar and Barracks where Captain Love took his head in a glass jar to collect his bets from the men who said he'd never, ever catch Marietta!

View the oil painting of Spanish Kitty at The Swiss Hotel!

    Rated PG-13. (The Tour, not the Painting!)

$20.00 per Person.   Two-Person Minimum.     Call: 707-996-1600


Sonoma has a dramatic History is of Military conquest and genocide.

 We will take a sedate walk through the Historic District to buildings that housed General Ulysses S. Grant, Colonel John Stevenson, General "Fighting Joe" Hooker, and the dreaded Captain Love.

Hand-picked by President Polk himself to orchestrate The Bear Flag Revolt, take California and her Gold for the impoverished Union, and bring California and her Gold under the banner of the United States, Stevenson's Regiment (Company "C") was in secret cooperation with Mexican General Mariano Vallejo. 

These West Point graduates were professional killers.

 They were all poor, unmarried men of good breeding and background, Officers and Gentlemen, who were uniquely beholding to the President, who had paid their way through West Point out of his own pocket. 

In 1863 then President Abraham Lincoln secretly called upon John Stevenson again to "Round up the last of the Sonoma Valley Indians and Kill them". This resulted in the slaughter of 7,500 Indians, mostly women, children and old men in the Lovall Valley Massacre.

After that Lincoln arranged to pay the Chinese $100.00 a head for killing the remaining local Indians. This resulted in a blood feud between the races that is honored to this day, and that is the reason Chinese and Indians almost never intermarry.

Once common knowledge among now deceased Old Sonoma residents, like Beach Alexander (long-time State Park Ranger at The Vallejo Home and The Sonoma Mission), Newton Dal Poggetto (past president of The Sonoma Valley Historical Society), and Marge Eliasen (founder of The Sonoma League for Historic Preservation), this information has passed almost completely from memory.

Not Your Average Government-Sanctioned Tour

Rated PG-16

$20.00 per Person .   Two Person Minimum.     Call 707-996-1600

Behind The Blue Wing Inn

Captain Love brought Joaquin Murettia's Head here in a Jar.

Livery Stables @ The Swiss Hotel

The Biggest Chinese Tent City was behind these Stables.


Nine thousand East Asian men came from China on the Tall Ships and world-class schooners, under contract to Railroad  Robber-Baron Joseph Crocker, founder of Crocker Bank in San Francisco. 

They arrived at the Embarcadero de Sonoma, the original Port of San Francisco at the bottom of Broadway (aka Highway 12)  in Sonoma in the 1860's. Sonoma was to be called San Francisco, which is why our Mission is Mission San Francisco de Solano, not Mission Sonoma. But the Indian name "Sonoma" stuck, and no amount of effort on the part of governmental, or financial, or political powers that were could change that.

 Sonoma was actually the last stop for the Transcontinental Railroad.  Abraham Lincoln needed to bring California's Gold back to Washington D. C. so he could  finance The Glorious Army of The Republic and win the "The War of Northern Aggression" (aka The Civil War) for the North. General Vallejo was afraid Lincoln would simply bring the rails out to the Empire mine and the gold and silver fields of the Sierra Nevadas, and leave Sonoma completely without modern transportation and freight service, now that the Capital had been moved from Sonoma to Sacramento. 

As a promise of his intent to bring the rails to Sonoma, Lincoln sent three eucalyptus trees to be used for railroad ties around Cape Horn to Monterey. The saplings were then brought up to Sonoma by wagon and delivered to Vallejo at his residence on East Spain Street. One he gave to Count Haraszthy which was planted by the tasting room at Buena Vista Winery, one which he kept for himself and planted on the carriage walk that leads up to his house, and one which he had planted in the South West corner of The Plaza by the old Chinese fishpond that is our Duck Pond today.

Sonoma's Chinese settled in Castle Canyon and lived, worshiped, and partied in an underground city beneath  our  town which was serviced by 17 miles of brick lined tunnel. 

You will visit the sites of the Chinese Tent Cities, their places of business, and see the actual locations where  of  secret tunnel entrances once existed. Relive their true  stories of Love, Greed, Loss, and Revenge. 

Rated G

$20.00 per Person - Two Person Minimum. Call 707-996-1600


After being caught in the worst snow storm in 200 years the Donner Family was rescued from what we now call Donner Pass up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains  and brought to Sonoma.

They were not welcome here. No one would hire Mr. Donner, no one would help Mrs. Donner, or her six children. None of the children could attend school. They were shunned socially and economically. Even the Chinese refused to sell them food. The family was not allowed to attend church.

 They lived in an abandoned Chinese blacksmith's house on Spain Street East. Their two orphaned nieces, Georgia and Elisa, were the daughters of the Donner Party's deceased leader and his wife, who both died in the Sierras, leaving them to beg for food in tetters at Sutter's Fort. They had hoped to be adopted by their Aunt and Uncle, the surviving Mr. & Mrs. Donner, but because of a family feud over what happened in the Sierras were completely abandoned. Finally Mrs. Christine Bruenner, a Swiss matron brought them to Sonoma in the hope that someone would adopt them. No one did, not even their own aunt and uncle. For awhile they had to live in what was then the old slaughter house on First Street East. Finally Mrs Brunner took pity on them and took them to live in her big house at the corner of Second Street East and Patten Street.

 Some uncharitable souls in Sonoma called them  "The Littlest Cannibals", but that was cruel and untrue. Their mother had taken great care to keep them from even knowing any of the "going ons" that happened outside their cabin at Donner Lake.


See where they lived. Hear the true story. Find out how these brave Christian people saved Sonoma from starvation in 1906!

Rated PG

$20.00 per Person - Two Person Minimum.  Call: 707-996-1600

The Donner Girls Home

Old Town Slaughterhouse

My Family Home for 40 Years

Five Murders and Eight Ghosts!


Haunted by the Chinese Caretaker


No one in her family believed in Ghosts. But there had been five murders in the house Carla Heine called "Home". The Ray-Nash Adobe was the Officers Quarters for Stevenson's Regiment, and it had eight ghosts. People in town knew Carla lived in a "Bad House", and they weren't afraid to tell her secret stories about the ghosts that haunted their old houses. 

In 1980 UCLA did a study of 40 so-called "Haunted California Towns", and Sonoma was one of them. The average number of ghosts  in these California towns was two per block, but Sonoma topped them all with eight ghosts per block!

Meet CARLA HEINE, author of the non-fiction book "SONOMA GHOSTS", for a Two-Hour Tour of Sonoma's most alarming and controversial Ghosts & Legends!

Electromagnetic Field Resonators will be Provided.

This Tour is Not Yet Rated.

But it's a lot of fun!

 Full Moons Fill Up First!

$20.00 per Person.  Call Carla At Home ...  if you dare! 



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